Native Nursery

The Trust will maintain an on-site native nursery to provide a long-term supply of plants for the ecological restoration of the river park, and eventually for adjoining river corridor land. Past residents have introduced various invasive species, including Pinus radiata, Pinus contorta, Vinca major (periwinkle), and blackberry, all of which require ongoing removal and control. 

The small on-site native nursery, which currently provides about 100 plants annually for site restoration, will be expanded and the number of varieties increased. The Red Bridge River Park Trust will work with Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust, to support further native restoration along the river corridor, and will host work experience volunteers and travellers.

A staged native restoration plan will be prepared to coordinate planting in areas where wilding pines and other invasive species are removed. Some exotic trees will be retained for their amenity values, including some oaks and Ponderosa pines, and many of the riverbank willows which provide shade. The river park will be a working native restoration site, allowing visitors to learn about, and engage directly in, best practice river corridor restoration and conservation.


Manaaki Tuna

Clutha River Guardian